Assess your readiness for a new or modified VBP model(s)

By conducting a readiness assessment, you can gauge whether you are ready to take on a new or modified VBP approach with payers, and where you might need payer or other resources to support your VBP readiness. Identifying a staff member or team to work collaboratively on VBP assessment prompts important dialog about practice goals and priorities for improvement.

Primary care entities, including staff and primary care clinicians, should become familiar with the Patient-Centered Primary Care Home (PCPCH) certification requirements and the clinical model in preparation for participation in any primary care VBP model: PCPCH Recognition Criteria, Technical Specifications & Reporting Guide. The functionality of a PCPCH is well aligned with best practice in VBP population health.

If you are a primary care entity, download and complete the PCPCH 2020 Standards Self-Assessment Tool. This is an Excel file designed to help primary care entities understand the PCPCH clinical model and anticipate what level their practice meets under the current PCPCH standards.

Additional PCPCH information can be found at the PCPCH webpage.

A list of free readiness tools is in the resources section of the toolkit. Readiness tools typically address the following topics:

  • General and Basic Operations
  • Systems Orientation
  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • Interpersonal Communications and Teamwork
  • Clinical Management
  • Finance and Reimbursement
  • Quality Management
  • Health Information Technology
  • Legal and Ethical Issues