Access technical assistance and peer learning

Payers, medical associations, consultants and government entities can provide technical assistance to support providers’ implementation of VBP models. Ask your payers if they have resources to support your success in VBP. OHA developed a series of webinars for providers focused on increasing readiness for VBP and taking advantage of the additional flexibility VBP models offer for innovatively redesigning care models. (1)

InterCommunity Health Network CCO (IHN) supports their primary care practice partners with technical assistance (TA) focused on successfully meeting Patient Centered Primary Care Home standards, which can include VBP. To accomplish this IHN contracts with Creach Consulting Group (CCG) to provide TA at no cost to their primary care network. CCG supports practices where they are and what is on their agenda to help them progress on their transformation journey.

CCG works with primary care practices at all stages of readiness for VBP, from struggling with timely access to care, integrated behavioral health, or reaching quality metric benchmarks to addressing burnout and improving staff engagement.

IHN is committed to helping their practices be successful and recognized that a third-party TA consultant can engage with practices differently than a payer. Working with CCG, practices have increased their ability to participate in VBP arrangements and IHN has developed better relationships with its primary care practices.